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          Machining and Maintenance of Gear Parts of Precision Planetary Gear Reducer


          Machining and Maintenance of Gear Parts of Precision Planetary Gear Reducer

          Company new
          2019/06/19 19:24

          Firstly, the precision planetary gear reducer can only be installed on the flat, shock-absorbing and torsional support structure. In any case, hammers are not allowed to knock pulleys, couplings, pinions or sprockets into the output shaft, which will damage bearings and shafts.


          Precision planetary gear reducer has the advantages of space saving, reliability and durability, high overload capacity, power up to 200KW, low energy consumption, superior performance, low vibration, low noise, rigid cast iron box, high frequency heat treatment of gear surface, precision processing, helical gear and bevel gear. Gear reducer is a special reducer for all kinds of reaction kettles. Its gears adopt Grison quasi-hyperbolic tooth type and are hard tooth surface. It has the characteristics of large load-carrying capacity, low noise, long life, high efficiency and smooth operation. The performance of the whole reducer is far superior to cycloid pin wheel reducer and worm gear reducer, and has been widely recognized and applied by users.


          Gear modulus is a very important knowledge point in precision planetary gear reducer. The higher the modular gear teeth are, the thicker they are. Modulus refers to the ratio of teeth pitch t to circumference PI (m=t/pi) between the two adjacent teeth on the same side. Modulus is a basic parameter of modular gear system. The bigger the modulus is. If the number of gear teeth is constant, the larger the radial dimension of the wheel is. For gears with non-straight teeth, modulus series standards are formulated according to the requirements of design, manufacture and inspection. Modulus has the difference between normal modulus Mn end-face modulus MS and axial modulus mx. They are all based on the ratio of their respective pitches (normal pitch, end-face pitch and axial pitch) to the circumference ratio, and are also based on millimeters. For bevel gear module, there are big end modulus me average modulus mm and small end modulus m1. For cutting tools, there are corresponding tool modulus Mo and so on. The application of normative modulus is very wide.