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          Front Powder Metallurgy



          Copyright Jiangmen City Front Powder Metallurgy Factory Co., Ltd 粵ICP備11029471號 Powered by 300.cn

          Congratulations to Jiangmen City Front Powder Metallurgy Factory Co., Ltd. on its successful website revision!


          Congratulations to Jiangmen City Front Powder Metallurgy Factory Co., Ltd. on its successful website revision!

          Company new
          2019/06/19 19:22

          Jiangmen City Front Powder Metallurgy Factory Co., Ltd is located the northern suburb development zone of Jiangmen City, which is the famous “China’s first overseas Chinese” and lies in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province. And where the political, economic and natural environment is superior and the transportation network is strong.

          The company was founded in 1992. After 10 years of development, it has become a mature manufacturer of powder

          metallurgy, integrating with excellent R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. The company also got the ISO 

          9001:2008 international quality managements system certification.


          We produce the following products of powder metallurgy:

          Copper based products used for cars, motorcycles, electric tools and home appliances.

          Ferrous products or S/S conjunctive fittings, such as bush, gear, cam and connecting rod parts.

          Stainless steel products used for home appliances, submersible pump and home hardware.


          We won customer's honor and favor by the best quality and the sincerest credit standing. The products are famous in

          Wuyi Region and Pearl River Delta area, and exported to South-Eastern Asia, Europe and North America. The company

          covers an area of 10,000 square meters, including standard factory building 8,000 square meters, and have the

          international leading flow line production equipment. The annual production capacity is no less than 150 million pieces.

          The company has a team with skilled, experienced, high quality manufacturing. Staff 120, including 35 designers and



          We abide by the principles of "People Oriented", "Winning By Quality", "Serving With Honesty" and "Living With

          Honor". As company insist on improving the system of quality control, we will serve you with best quality, high

          efficiency and perfect humanity. Please join us to create the future.